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Il Marroneto

Il Marroneto is one of the most famous, important and well-known wineries of Montalcino (Siena) having produced spectacular Brunellos for almost 30 years.

The story of Il Marroneto began in 1974 when Giuseppe Mori, father of Alessandro, the present owner of the company, bought the winery. Giuseppe was a lawyer and started to make wine a bit for fun and a bit for passion, using a 13th century ‘Marronetto’, a small building used to dry chestnuts. Giuseppe lacked a business plan but followed a simple winemaking philosophy: producing wine as an expression of the land and its traditions.

His sons Andrea and Alessandro immediately showed a great interest in winemaking and with time this `hobby` turned into a serious commitment. Andrea decided to pursue a career in law, but Alessandro chose to devote his life to his greatest passion: wine. In the nineties, he decided to expand the cellar, without following any aesthetic dictate but with the intent of creating a healthy and functional space for winemaking practices. The result is a large and austere cellar, beautifully inserted in a rocky slope and filled with Allier and Slavonia oak barrels where the Brunellos can age patiently and develop all their intensity. (Alessandro adheres to the old Brunello-rule of 4 years aging in large barrels.)

The vineyards are located on the northern slope of the Montalcino hill in the immediate vicinity of the city walls at an altitude of about 350m. They surround ‘Madonna delle Grazie’, a medieval chapel which lends its name to the estate’s flagship wine. The first vines were planted in 1975, followed by further additions in 1979 and then in 1984. Great attention was paid to the planting system, in order to obtain the highest quality grapes. The vines are arranged with plenty of space between them in order to allow Sangiovese, which feeds on the surface, to have enough room for a good rooting.

Vineyard management is based on a traditional and minimalist philosophy in total respect of the plants, with minimal intervention and avoiding intensive production. This includes natural cover cropping practices, that enable an effective control of the vines’ vigor, with longer pollination times. Pruning in March allows the plants enough time to rest.

The grapes are harvested when the stalks begin to turn to a burned color, a fact that signals the seeds’ appropriate maturity. As seeds have a fundamental role in a wine’s tannins, this is an essential factor to produce long-lived wines.

Alessandro follows with love and attention every moment of his wine’s life, from the vineyard to bottling, so much so that they seem to reflect his personality: both passionate and complex, but in constant search for simplicity, generous and open minded, but extremely susceptible to protecting history and tradition.

Lucia assists Alessandro with administration and marketing, while Maurizio is the cellar chief, a peculiar guardian of the barrels.

The resulting wines, only made of pure Sangiovese, are intensely rich in aromas though delicate and extremely elegant. These are wines that can evoke strong emotions; meditation wines that reflect the great love and care with which they were created.

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Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Selezione Madonna delle Grazie’09 Il Marroneto, 750 ml

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Selezione Madonna delle Grazie’09 Il Marroneto, 750 ml

Bright and pure, offering cherry, raspberry, spice and underbrush flavors. Features ample tannins, ripe and mouthcoating, but the beam of acidity drives the fruit, mineral and spice flavors to a...

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Brunello di Montalcino il Marroneto’13 Il Marroneto, 750 ml

Brunello di Montalcino il Marroneto’13 Il Marroneto, 750 ml

Multifaceted fragrances suggest violet, rose, red berry, baking spice, savory herb and a balsamic note. Elegant with great intensity, the radiant palate delivers juicy wild cherry, crushed berry,...

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