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Desiderius’11 Weinhof Illa & Oscar Szemes, 750 ml

Desiderius’11 Weinhof Illa & Oscar Szemes, 750 ml

Ruby with dark core and violet reflexions. Blackberry and cassis, minerals and sweet spices, framed by a touch of nougat give this powerful red wine an astounding complexity. Aged 15 months in new oak, then 4 more in large oak barrels assure fine, well developed tannins. Ready to enjoy now, yet a wine with aging potential.

About Blaufraenkisch:
ll the good points of Blaufränkisch wine are optimised at Horitschon. The élevage of Blaufränkisch grapes can result in either light and fruity or hearty, opulent wines. In 2010 6.4% of the area devoted to growing grapes in Austria was taken up by Blaufränkisch. Of that, 94% was in Burgenland and more specifically in Central Burgenland, therefore also known as Blaufränkischlandwhich produces some of the best Austrian red wines.

The unique properties of the soil in Horitschon are ideal for growing red wines and more specifically Blaufränkisch. These soils produce full-bodied and very individual wines. In blind-tastings the terroir of these wines is instantly recognisable. Not many wine growing areas can boast a distinctiveness of this order which is a great advantage. Wines from Horitschon owe their special touch to the heavy loess und clay earth, streaked in places with lime. In some locations the earth contains “Tegel” a mix of clay and lime typical to the region, and in other areas a mix with gravel. This diversity adds to the complexity of the wine.

The climate in Horitschon and environs is temperate. Three ranges of hills to the north, the south and the west as well as an opening to the Pannonian basin provide ideal conditions for Blaufränkisch wine. A minimum of 300 sunny days and precipitation of just 600mm per year ensure excellent quality grapes and then wine.

Illa Szemes´ highest goal is to create authentic, honest wines with a signature note and unmistakeable character. The names of the wines IMPERIAL and TRADITION reflect the philosophy of the firm.

Food recommendations:
Red meats, stew, venison, liver, BBQ, but also dark chocolate and mousse au chocolat

Variety: 70 % Blaufränkisch, 30 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin: Austria, Mittelburgenland

Body: full body

Suggested Serving Temperature: 16 - 18 °C

barrel aged dry

dryRecommended Stem: Zalto Bordeaux

Zalto Bordeaux

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