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25 Delight - Moscato, 25%’ Reisetbauer, 500 ml

25 Delight - Moscato, 25%’ Reisetbauer, 500 ml

The two master distillers, Alois Gölles and Hans Reisetbauer, who are both already world-renowned thanks to the quality of their fruit brandies, have joined together to create a new type of spirit: "25 delight". Bottled with 25% ABV, these new brandies promise "fruitiness" combined with "aromatic consistency and absolute purity ".

The clear aim of the "25 Delight" is to make high-quality fruit brandies accessible to new target groups. Because, in reality, not everyone enjoys the taste of a high spirit with over 40% ABV.

Despite the low alcohol content of the new distillate manufactured in the Willy (Williams pear), Plumm (plum), Moscato (Muscat grape), Granny (Granny Smith apple), Cherry (heart cherry) and Apricot (rose apricot) varieties, the intensity and fruitiness of a quality fruit brandy is conveyed.

Food recommendations:
Tex-mex, steak, olives, after dinner drink, as flavoring for desserts and cocktails, as long drink with Ginger Ale.

Variety: Moscato 100% Natural Fruit

Origin: Austria, Axberg

Body: full body

Suggested Serving Temperature: 12 ℃

Recommended Stem: Zalto Digestive

Zalto Digestive

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