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Costabate Sangiovese Toscana I.G.T.’11 Uccelliera, 1500 ml

Costabate Sangiovese Toscana I.G.T.’11 Uccelliera, 1500 ml

Andrea Cortonesi decided to produce this new wine, made exclusively with Sangiovese grapes, in order to represent the terroir of Castelnuovo dell'Abate in the best way possible: in fact this wine is made from a selection of Sangiovese grapes from the vineyards of Uccelliera that  stand at three different altitudes and that have three different microclimates. The terroir, the varietal and the passion of Andrea stand out in this wine. Costabate is a reclassification of a Brunello to a proprietary/IGT wine. The wood of the barrels is taken from ultracentenarian oak trees. Only 500 bottles, exclusively magnums, have been produced.
Spontaneous alcoholic and malolactic fermentations.

Food recommendations:
Stew, fillet steak, bean dishes, aged pecorino or parmesan. Sangiovese is also a wonderful meditation wine that does not require an opulent meal. Enjoy with a plate of salami and olives, or some nuts or a good cigar.

Variety: Sangiovese

Origin: Italy, Tuscany

Body: full body

Suggested Serving Temperature: 19° C

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