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Valtellina Superiore "Grumello" Riserva’04 Balgera, 750 ml

Valtellina Superiore "Grumello" Riserva’04 Balgera, 750 ml

The Valtellina vineyards are cultivated on terraces which extend for about 40 km in a valley that is perfectly aligned east - west. Really: look up Vatellina on the map and you'll see a horizontal line. Thus, the south-facing vineyards are optimally exposed to maximum sunlight and best ripening condition with the Alps in back as a protection from cold north winds. All this heat is trapped and stored by huge rocks protruding from the mountainside. Made of 100% Nebbiolo (locally called Chiavennasca), this wine is of brick-red color and possesses lively, ethereal perfumes characterized by violet and plum notes. Ageing 3 - 4 years in large oak barrels produces soft and elegant tannins with hints of roasted nuts.

Food recommendations:
Red meats, mature cheeses, bean and lentil dishes, eggs, omlettes, shabu shabu, kushi katsu, ton katsu, sandwiches.

Variety: Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) 100%

Origin: Italy, Valtellina, Lombardia

Body: medium

Suggested Serving Temperature: 15 - 18 C

barrel aged dry

dryRecommended Stem: Zalto Burgundy

Zalto Burgundy

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