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Sauvignon Blanc *Sernauberg*’17 Sattlerhof, 750 ml

Sauvignon Blanc *Sernauberg*’17 Sattlerhof, 750 ml

A string orchestra rather than a brass band, this delicious Sauv. Blanc offers soul, soul, soul and a myriad of nuances ranging from floral notes to chalky minerality to mango and honey melon to the secret herbs your grandmother used in her unforgettable soups and sauces. A rich and rewarding experience indeed.

Sattlerhof is a leading, internationally renowned estate of southern Styria. The family farms 30 hectares of vineyards, the main grape is Sauvignon blanc. Combined with the Hotel and Restaurant, run by brother Hannes Sattler, Sattlerhof is a top destination for epicureans.

Food recommendations:
Asparagus, delicate fish dishes, sea food, noodles, pumpkin soup, poached fish, vegetarian casseroles

o-sechi ryori

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Origin: Austria, Sued Steiermark

Body: medium

Suggested Serving Temperature: 10° - 12° C

organic wine dry

Recommended Stem: Zalto Whitewine

Zalto Whitewine

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